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Visit Yellowstone National Park in Winter Through the Lens of Chris Cauble


Bison, of course, are highly visible in Yellowstone the year-round. But if you watch careful, there also are river otters and coyotes trying to protect their meal from ravens. Image capture from Winter in Yellowstone by Christopher Cauble.

Few folks get to visit Yellowstone National Park in winter, which is why it's so nice when someone who knows how to handle a video camera does, and then shares their work.

Montana-based photographer/videographer Christopher Cauble came away from his visit with bison, coyotes, playful river otters, and, of course, geysers. Take a few minutes to enjoy his work.


Very nice!  Wonderful scenery and great music.  Thanks for sharing it, Chris.

Wonderful! Brings back lots of memories of our winter trip to Yellowstone. Yellowstone NP is incredible but in the winter it is just magical!

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