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Eastern National Recognizes National Park Service Staff For Their Support


Eastern National, a non-profit organization that works to enhance the interpretation of the National Park System, was started by a group of park rangers back in 1947. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the organization is applauding current Park Service staff who have helped it with interpretation and supporting Eastern National in the parks.

The awards program was designed to acknowledge outstanding individual achievements and contributions that have had a positive impact on an Eastern National operation or an individual park, thus furthering and promoting the cooperating association's unique relationship with its partners. Nominees were submitted by Eastern National managers in November 2011, and awards were presented in Memphis, Tennessee on January 19.

* The Charles S. Marshall Unit Award was presented to Manassas National Battlefield Park, and $2,500 will be donated by Eastern National to the park’s interpretive program. The Unit Award annually recognizes the most outstanding agency that has achieved noteworthy teamwork in promoting and aiding the historical, scientific, educational, interpretive and operational activities of Eastern National partners through Eastern National agency operation.  Teamwork is evidenced through agency growth, visitor service, product development, partner relations and administration.

* Superior Performance Awards were presented to Patty Wissinger, Superintendent, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area; Judy Forte, Superintendent, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site;  Shirley McKinney, Superintendent, Manhattan Sites; and Diane Chalfant, Associate Director, Park Operations and Education. Superior Performance Awards annually recognize outstanding partner management of an Eastern National agency. They are awarded to the top four outstanding partner personnel, regardless of agency size.

* The Herbert E. Kahler Award was presented to Patty Wissinger, Superintendent, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, and $2,500 will be donated by Eastern National to the park’s interpretive program in Ms. Wissinger’s name. The Kahler Award recognizes the Eastern National partner judged to have cooperatively managed the most efficient and innovative agency. The winner was selected by the Eastern National Board of Directors from the four Superior Performance Award winners.

* Special Achievement Awards were presented to the following Eastern National employees: Lana Samuels, Wilsons’ Creek NB; James “Adam” Webster, Fort Sumter NM; Larry Swanson, Manassas NBP; Brenda Starr, Manassas NBP; Kathy Rappold, Gulf Islands NS; and Stacy Madalena, National Capital Region. Special Achievement Awards recognize exceptional performance in the area of store operations and partner relations.

* The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Anne Harris, Virginia Region, for her significant service at a high level of excellence, resulting in substantial contributions to Eastern National and its partners.
In addition to the above mentioned awards, Eastern National presents publications awards annually to recognize outstanding scholarly books or magazine articles which have contributed to the mission of its partners. Publications nominated for the following awards were assessed by a team of National Park Service personnel and the Eastern National Board of Directors.

* The Authors’ Award was presented to Brett W. Spaulding of Monocacy National Battlefield for his publication, Last Chance for Victory: Jubal Early’s 1864 Maryland Invasion, and a $1,000 donation to Monocacy National Battlefield will be made by Eastern National in Mr. Spaulding’s name. The Authors’ Award recognizes an individual who wrote an outstanding monograph, documented with extensive footnotes, that exhibits original research, presents information of interpretive value, is a contribution to the field and reflects high quality of scholarship and readable prose in the field of natural science or history during the current fiscal year.

* The William C. Everhart Award was presented to Dr. Henry Duffy of Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site for In Homage to Worthy Ancestors: the Puritan/the Pilgrim, and a $1,000 donation to the interpretive program at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site will be made by Eastern National in Dr. Duffy’s name. The Everhart Award recognizes the best scholarly work related to national parks. Publications qualifying for nomination may deal with any scholarly research related to national parks and are not limited to history.

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