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Trunk Bay At Virgin Islands National Park Garners "Blue Flag" Award For Sustainability Practices


Trunk Bay at Virgin Islands National Park has been recognized for its sound sustainable management practies. Foundation for Environmental Education photo.

Trunk Bay at Virgin Islands National Park, renowned for its warm, sun-sparkling waters, sugar-sand beaches, and nodding palm trees, has gained another tribute: it's one of the world's best beaches when it comes to sustainable management.

The beach recently was honored with a "blue flag" award bestowed by the non-government, non-profit organization, Foundation for Environmental Education.

The awards are handed out to beaches and marinas throughout the world that have strong management practices in the realm of water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety.

Of course, those practices probably don't rise in the minds of those visitors who come to Trunk Bay for its gorgeous beach and the 650-foot-long underwater snorkeling trail. But when you consider how many people head to the beach year-in and year-out, it's good to see the park staff recognized for its good management practices that keep the waters and beaches clean and inviting.

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