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Thanks To All Our Readers


Year-end usually leads to reflection, and we'd be more than remiss if we didn't take a moment to thank all of you who read the Traveler.

Without your surfing by on a regular basis to see what news there is across the National Park System we'd have little motivation to keep plugging away. Our growth in readers continues to amaze us -- we're well over 1 million a year -- and the time you take to comment on stories and provide your perspectives is a valuable part of what the Traveler is all about.

We will continue to strive in 2012 to provide you with interesting news and features from across the National Park System.


And thank YOU, Kurt and Bob and the others working behind the scenes, for making this possible.

I agree with Lee. Kurt, Bob, and all at NPT have been doing an
outstanding job in providing a daily forum on all things "national
park." Big congratulations for growing the e-publication this year. I
enjoyed reporting on the treasures of Bandelier National Monument for
the Spring edition travel planner (right before Bandelier's new Visitor
Center was, sadly, engulfed in fires and flashfloods this summer). I'm
very glad to be associated with such a talented bunch.

 Kurt-- We all appreciate the hard work you all are doing. Really enjoy reading about our National Parks!! Great respite during the working daily routine!!

By all means, keep plugging away please.   ;-)

Is that 1 million hits, or 1 million views by different

More than 1.2 million visits, nearly 950,000 uniques.

I think it is amazing and good that there is that much interest in the national parks as evidenced by almost 1 million unique hits on one web site. I was expecting you to say that there were about 300,000 uniques and therefore a lot of hard core people were visiting. Instead, it appears that a whole bunch of people are checking this site in preparation for a visit to one or more of the units.

Happy New Year to all of you at NPT!

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