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Watch the Video: "Sky Islands" In Yosemite National Park


Trek to the roof of Yosemite National Park and you'll find "sky islands," plateaus that are home to unieque plant communities. NPS image.

Most visitors to Yosemite National Park tour the Yosemite Valley and head out of the park. A small percentage of others take to the Tioga Road and destinations off of it.

One area that the vast majority of visitors misses is along the roof of the park, where you'll find "sky islands."

Fortunately, you can gain insights to these landscapes -- "high, flat plateaus ... found at elevations around 12,000 and 13,000 thousand feet" --  thanks to videographer Steven Bumgardner and his team at Yosemite.

"These isolated sky islands are the home to unique plant communities that are found nowhere else," they note in a short description that gives way to the following video.



Very well done video and incredible footage.  I'll have to try and hike to one of these sky islands on my next visit, such beautiful plants and flowers.  Thanks National Parks Traveler.

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