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National Park Foundation Offers To Match, Up To $2 Million, Donations For Flight 93 National Memorial


With a need for $10 million to finish the Flight 93 National Memorial, the National Park Foundation is offering a match of up to $2 million with hopes of spurring private donations.

Fewer than 40 days remain until the 10-year commemoration of the September 11 attacks, and with the large sum of money yet to be raised the foundation has gotten behind the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign. Through it, the foundation's Board of Directors has committed to a $2 million challenge grant to support the building of the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The public is invited to participate at and double their gift to the memorial. The National Park Foundation will match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $2 million. When completed, the Flight 93 National Memorial will be the only unit of the National Park System dedicated to the events of September 11.

"The September 11th story is incomplete until all three memorials have been funded and constructed," said Neil Mulholland, president and CEO of the  foundation, the charitable arm of the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign.  "We need to ensure that those lost, including the 40 heroes of Flight 93, are never forgotten.  From individuals to organizations, there is no better time to show your support and be able to double your impact."

Nearly 10 years after the events of September 11, memorials in New York and at the Pentagon are completed. However, the Flight 93 National Memorial has yet to receive the funds necessary to be complete.  To support the building of the Flight 93 National Memorial, visit or call the National Park Foundation at (202) 354-6488.

The Flight 93 National Memorial will be the nation's permanent memorial to the 40 passengers and crew of United Flight 93, and all of those lost on September 11, 2001.

United Flight 93, originally destined for San Francisco, was hijacked by terrorists in the skies over Ohio. Once they received word of the attacks in New York and Washington, the passengers and crew took decisive action, choosing to fight their terrorist hijackers.

Together they fought, and through their heroic actions, sacrificed their own lives, ultimately causing United Flight 93 to crash in a field outside of Shanksville, Pa., where no individuals on the ground were harmed.

The most popular conclusion, including that of the 9/11 Commission, is that United Flight 93 was headed for the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. The actions of the 40 heroes on United Flight 93 saved countless lives and our nation's capital.

The memorial site is currently under construction with plans to dedicate the Flight 93 National Memorial on September 10, 2011. Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend the dedication and President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are expected to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial on September 11, 2011.

The Flight 93 National Memorial is an ambitious $62 million initiative. To date, approximately $52 millionhas been committed through public and private sources. The National Park Foundation continues to spearhead the campaign, working to raise $10 million in private funding for the Flight 93 National Memorial.

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