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Weary Roads Force Nighttime Road Closure In Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Heading to Theodore Roosevelt National Park? Then know that a portion of the park's North Unit Scenic Drive is closed at night and reduced to one lane during the daylight hours due to slumping.

The portion of the road from Caprock Coulee to Riverbend Overlook is being closed from dusk until 7:30 a.m. daily due to a section of road that has been compromised due to slumping and sliding from wet conditions, a park release said. In the Cedar Canyon area, the road will be reduced to one lane with two-way traffic taking turns on a short stretch.  The restrictions will remain in place indefinitely.

“The wet conditions of the last two years have taken a toll on park roads as they have on other roads and highways in western North Dakota,” said Superintendent Valerie Naylor.  “These restrictions are necessary to ensure the safety of visitors using the road and to allow us to keep the road open to all visitor traffic during daylight hours.”

The first 7 miles of the road, from the Visitor Center to the Caprock Coulee pullout will have no restrictions and access to and from the campground will not be affected.  

“We want to stress that the road, trails, campground, and backcountry in the North Unit are open and that no park activities should be seriously affected,” said Superintendent Naylor.  “Visitors do need to keep to the speed limit and drive with caution throughout the park as there are areas of broken pavement due to the wet conditions this year.”

The North Unit is located 15 miles South of Watford City off Highway 85.  The park is open every day.  For additional information about the park, including updates about the road restrictions, please call the North Unit Visitor Center at 842-2333.

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