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Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Wolves, Bison and Bears in Yellowstone National Park


This map shows you were to look for wildlife in Yellowstone. NPS image.

Spring is a great time to spot wildlife in Yellowstone National Park, and in the park the Lamar Valley is a particularly good spot to find yourself in right about now if you want to see wolves, bison, elk, and possibly grizzly bears.

June is when adult wolves are spending a great deal of time hunting for food they can feed their growing pups. With several wolf packs having overlapping territories in the Lamar Valley -- the Agate, Lamar Canyon, Blacktail, and Silver packs -- your odds of spotting the adults returning to the dens aren't bad during this month. You can enhance those odds by getting into the valley right around sunrise, or late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

Grizzly bears are hungry, too, and with elk and bison calves on spindly legs, they at times become prey for the bears.

Several years ago I witnessed a very unusual sight in the Lamar Valley along Soda Butte Creek -- a grizzly had taken down an elk calf, and its squeals alerted a pair of wolves that came down from the north of the Lamar Valley to see if they coudn't take advantage of the situation.

To increase your odds of spotting wildlife, come prepared with a good spotting scope or long telephoto or zoom lens.


My husband John and I go to Yellowstone yearly.  We love to come the third week of June and stay for a week.  We love Lamar Valley and last couple of years, Hayden has also been wonderful for us.  Can't wait to come again!!!!

Is it easy to spot wolves in Yellowstone, in mid July?

Do you need a "guide" (ie. Wolftracker) to help spot them?

Wolves in mid-July might be difficult to spot, as they often follow the elk up into the high country. I'd suggest you check with the nearest visitor center once you reach the park to inquire about the wolves' whereabouts. A very good source on the park's wolves is The Wildlife News site run by Ralph Maughan. Here's their latest story on wolves in the park:

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