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Mammoth Cave National Park Offers Rewards For Crime Stoppers


It's not a good sign when a national park starts to offer rewards for information to stop crime within its borders, but that's what the folks at Mammoth Cave National Park have opted to do.

“The park is a quiet sanctuary, but our law enforcement rangers face the same crimes that city and county officers do,” says Superintendent Patrick Reed.  “We are asking our neighbors to help us keep Mammoth Cave a safe place by reporting any kind of illegal or suspicious activity.”

According to Ranger David Alexander, a law enforcement officer at the Kentucky park, drugs are a major area of concern.

“Every year we find marijuana plots in the park. We need the community’s help in tracking down the growers," said the ranger in a press release. "Drugs produced inside the park or in rural Kentucky are the same ones showing-up in schools and on the streets in our communities.  Even the slightest tip could be an asset to help us prosecute a criminal.”

To contact Ranger Alexander, call 270-758-2122 or 270-646-7241. Information provided will be kept in strictest confidence and those calling may choose to remain anonymous. Information that leads to a successful prosecution could land the informant a $1,000 reward.


Please, Kurt, let all content flow into the category News again. I thought there was no noew content since Janue 13, when sou stopped feeding the News-Page with new stuff. I usa that as starting page for the traveler, because there I could get all content in the most simple list format. Thanks in advance.

Pot is a plant from nature, let it grow, it's good for all. God wouldn't have put it here unless it was to be used...
Thank you.

Great article re: The National Park guys.

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