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Man Arrested For Blowing Up Restroom at Saint Croix National Scenic River


The restroom facility destroyed by the pipe bomb. NPS photo.

At a time when budgets are tight for government agencies and citizens alike, it's a shame when senseless vandalism results in destruction of facilities intended for the common good. That was certainly the case at Saint Croix National Scenic River, where a pipe bomb was used to blow up a restroom.

It's a challenge to provide basic facilities such as restrooms at locations along rivers where periodic flooding can occur, so the park had constructed a small structure specially designed to be flood-proof at Old Railroad Landing, a remote camping, trail and boat launch area.

Unfortunately, it wasn't immune to human mischief.

On March 9th, the park received a report of vandalism at Old Railroad Landing, but investigation revealed this wasn't a typical incident--the restroom facility had been destroyed by what appeared to have been a bomb.

Ranger Rod Turner served as lead investigator, and coordinated a multi-agency investigation team that included the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. According to a park spokesman, evidence painstakingly collected and documented at the scene indicated that the explosive device was a PVC pipe bomb, and, through forensic analysis, a suspect was identified.

Further investigation and subsequent search warrants and subpoenas revealed that the suspect, Travis Chinander, had purchased the material to construct the bomb at local stores. Chinander was arrested on state felony charges and is awaiting federal charges.

Work on the case is continuing, but no specific reason for the bombing has yet been identified.


I was taught that it was a sign of maturity to "let the easy ones go".  There are SO many good one-liners here I wouldn't know where to begin anyway.  Audience, fire away as you see fit.

a remote practice session for something more urban down the road?
   I can see why the government is becoming more concerned about home grown terrorism. This - on the heels of that disturbing incident at a Denver shopping mall - are definitely indicative of a trend of disgruntled individuals that are becoming more violent.

My bet is that he liked thing that went boom and had terrible judgement. Stupid in any case. I detest vandalism and hope they slap him around some for all of us.

The unibomber was a violent and disgruntled individual.  Charles Manson was a disgruntled individual.  Adolf Hitler was a violent and disgruntled individual.  The man who blows up a John in the midde of nowhere probably isn't disgruntled.  He probably isn't even overtly violent.  He was more than likely bored and high.

There's a lesson here: Next time you're bored and high, don't pick a quiet piece of FEDERAL PROPERTY to "have fun" on.  Them Feds like having fun stuff to do.

If this had taken place in the southeast, I would have bet that before he lit the fuse he said "...Hey y'all... hold my beer and watch this!"

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