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Video: Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald on a Clear and Gorgeous Winter's Day


From the shores of Lake McDonald on a calm winter's day in Glacier National Park. NPS image.

Glacier National Park can be hard to reach in summer, and doubly hard to reach in winter. But for the lucky ones who do, the setting is gorgeous, as this video attests.

Taken December 17 on the shores of Lake McDonald, the video shows off some of the park's snow-capped peaks and speaks to the tranquility one can find in Glacier. Here's how the park staff describe this setting:

This iconic view from Apgar, at the foot of Lake McDonald, really shows what Glacier is all about...big glacially carved lakes, vast wild views of the high peaks along the Continental Divide, and the ever-changing forests that blanket much of the lower elevations. It's no wonder that for many people when they think of Glacier, they think of this view.


Glacier NP is my favorite and this view makes me yearn to go back there! I'd love to see the Park in Wintertime they way we have Yellowstone. Speaking of Yellowstone: Exactly one year ago today our family spent Christmas in Yellowstone and witnessed Giantess Geyser going off all day long! Wonderful memories, love our National Parks!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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