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Improvements Mean Closures of Some Zion National Park Campgrounds


Campground rehabilitation will take some campsites out of rotation in Zion National Park this fall and winter. NPS photo of the Watchman Campground.

Not only is road work impacting visits to Zion National Park, but now some campsites are being taken out of rotation so rehabilitation work can be done in the park's campgrounds.

While all this work -- the road work, the campground rehab, and the work on the trail to Angel's Landing that will block access to that landmark on occasion this fall -- can be a nuisance, it's also much-needed.

Zion Superintendent Jock Whitworth says the campground work involves rehabilitation of campsites and improved utilities in the tent-only Loops C and D in the Watchman Campground. The project will consist of reconstruction and delineation of 69 campsites with new site furnishings, resurfacing the road system, re-vegetation, installing new irrigation lines, and water and sewer line improvements.

Loop C is now closed and Loop D will be closed as of October 12, according to a release from the park. The two camping loops will be closed until the project is completed in early April 2011.

To make up for the loss of those sites, the park will keep the South Campground, which usually closes at the end of October, open through Thanksgiving weekend. Loop A of Watchman Campground will stay open through the winter months and is open to both tents and recreational vehicles.

Loops A and B of Watchman Campground were reconstructed in 1998 and the reconstruction of C & D Loops will continue improvements for visitor safety, visitor enjoyment, and protection of park resources.

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