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Photo Exhibit To Benefit Glacier National Park Fund


During his 111.5-mile hike across Glacier National Park Chris Peterson captured some great photos, such as this one of a moose and a bear in mid-stream.

Another fund-raiser is on the calendar for the Glacier National Park Fund, and this one features some stunning photographs taken by a local photographer who embarked on a 111-mile trek across Glacier National Park in honor of its centennial

On September 2, from 7 to 8 p.m. at Crush Wine Bar in Whitefish, Chris Peterson’s newest Glacier photos will be available for sale. Mr. Peterson will also be on hand to tell the stories behind his photos. All proceeds from the evening’s photo sales will go to the Glacier Fund for an Accessible Trail Project in the Many Glacier area.

From July 17 to July 26, Mr. Peterson embarked on a 111.5-mile “Gentleman’s Journey” through Glacier's backcountry in commemoration of the Glacier’s Centennial.

“The idea was to hike 100 miles - a mile for each year - but at the 100-mile mark, I was in the middle of nowhere,” the photographer joked in explaining the extra 11.5 miles. “My route began at the south end of Glacier from the Walton Ranger Station to the Bowman Lake Ranger Station in the north. Along the way, I ran into several bears, many moose, curious marmots, dozens of bighorn sheep and three mountain goats and I lost a $1,000 camera lens.”

Mr. Peterson amassed a work of photos from the journey, which will be featured in the Summer 2, 2010 issue of Glacier Park Magazine.

You can view the photos in the upcoming magazine edition at this site.

Mr. Peterson, the magazine's editor, also wanted to turn this body of work into a show that would help visitors who can’t hike in Glacier. The September 2nd event will showcase these photos with prints available for sale to support a great project in Glacier — a wheelchair accessible trail that is currently under construction at Many Glacier’s Swiftcurrent Lake.

The goal is to develop trails that provide visitors of all abilities with opportunities to experience the park, and the project needs additional funding to be completed in its entirety. The Glacier National Park Fund, park staff and a host of volunteers are spearheading the effort to get this Centennial Legacy Project completed.

“I just want to help in anyway I can,” said Mr. Peterson. “I’m extremely lucky to experience Glacier the way I do. Others should be able to have similar experiences and this trail project will showcase one of the finest places in Glacier and make it accessible for everyone."



Stunning photos of a spectacular land!

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