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Biking Along Moors Road in Cape Cod National Seashore To Become A bit Safer


Cape Cod National Seashore officials have decided to move forward with a plan to rebuild the Moors Road near Provincetown to make it safer for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. NPS map.

A two-mile section of winding road in Cape Cod National Seashore will gain some improvements that will make it safer for bicyclists...and motorists, as well.

The need to upgrade the road, which runs near Provincetown, was obvious. Though just two miles long, it was seeing upwards of 3,000 vehicles per day -- many of them heavy trucks -- as well as 400 cyclists. The traffic was not only crumbling the 24-foot-wide road, but causing safety issues, according to seashore officials. Sand also was encroaching upon the foot-wide shoulders

Under the plan approved by National Park Service officials, the seashore will rehabilitate Moors Road with bike lanes at the same time it improves the structural integrity of the road and strives to protect the natural resources that the road passes through.

After a lengthy study, seashore officials will embark on a full-depth rehabilitation of the roadway so it can better withstand increasing use by heavy vehicles. Part of the work, along with adding bike lanes, will include three raised crosswalks. The abandoned section of U.S. 6 where it enters the project area would eventually be paved, according to seashore officials.

For more details on the final plan, visit this site.

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