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One More Request For Your Help In Keeping The Traveler On-line


As we bring an end to our week-long fund-raising drive to keep the Traveler on-line, we'd like to thank the many readers who responded with donations, and make a final pitch to those sitting on the fence.

As the image says, the Traveler is made possible by our friends and sponsors and you, our readers.

As the Traveler approaches its sixth year on the Internet, we're hoping you the reader will support our efforts to expand knowledge, interest, and stewardship in America’s national parks.

If you look forward to the quizzes and puzzles that Professor Bob cranks out, or enjoy the True Tales of Humor & Misadventure from America’s National Parks that Ranger Jim encountered during his three-decade career wearing the gray and green, please consider a donation.

If you've ever turned to the Traveler for information on visiting a park, hiking a trail, or to learn what lodging deals might be out there, consider lending us your support.

If you've followed the debates over snowmobiles in Yellowstone or off-road vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, look forward to learning about the latest parks-related books, or enjoy features such as our interview with Dr. Michael Frome, our look at the survival of the Florida panther, and our conversation with Trevor Thomas, a blind hiker currently somewhere along the Pacific Crest Trail, help us continue to bring those stories to your monitor.

If you work for an organization that receives coverage through the Traveler, or run a lodging, dining, or outfitting business associated with a park, consider reaching the more than 1 million readers who turn to the Traveler annually via our sponsorship program.

If you work for the National Park Service and appreciate the exposure we provide for your operations and programs, or our examination of management decisions, please help us expand those efforts.

We could use your help to not just continue with our mission of building more advocates for the national parks, but to develop richer, more diverse content. What other site on the 'net can you turn to on a daily basis to learn about the latest search-and-rescue mission, about how Congress is treating the parks, or for colorful insights into the life and times in our national parks?

Your donations go to help us cover the costs of our server, pay for software updates to the site, reimburse the volunteers who so far have willingly donated their time and knowledge to offer you a diverse mix of park-related articles, and help us expand our coverage of the National Park System and the National Park Service by attracting more writers.

You can contribute by going to this page and clicking on the Help Sponsor button and contributing through PayPal, sending a check to National Park Advocates, LLC, at P.O. Box 980452, Park City, Utah, 84098, or encouraging businesses and organizations that operate in the parks to enroll in our sponsorship program.

Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t consider us a non-profit, and so you can’t claim a donation to the Traveler as a tax-deductible contribution. But we can promise that your contribution will help ensure that when you get up in the morning or turn the computer on after dinner that the Traveler will be there with your daily dose of national park news and features.

The businesses and organizations that have supported us as friends and sponsors believe in our mission of supporting the greatest National Park System in the world, and encouraging more folks to explore that system and become advocates for it.

We encourage you to visit the sites of:

* KCPublications, the publisher of The Story Behind the Scenery series of guidebooks to the parks;

*Hidden Creek Cabins, which can be your basecamp for your next visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park;

*the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, which raises millions of dollars for programs and projects at Rocky Mountain National Park;

*the Yellowstone Association Institute and the Yellowstone Park Foundation, strong partners for Yellowstone National Park;

*, a portal that can help you plan your visit to Yellowstone;

*the Moab Area Travel Council, which offers so much help for planning visits to Arches and Canyonlands national parks;

*the ACE Adventure Resort that overlooks the New River Gorge National Scenic River, which offers some of the best white-water in the East;

*the Wildlife Art Journal, which explores the connection between art and nature, and;

*the National Park Foundation, which raises millions of dollars to help maintain the national parks.


The Checks in the mail. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Semper Fi

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