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Grizzly Moved Out Of Yellowstone National Park's Norris Campground, Campers Happy


Calm is returning to the Norris Campground in Yellowstone National Park, where rangers have moved a young grizzly who had been roaming the campground to a zoo.

On the brink of the July Fourth holiday weekend, park rangers had banned visitors with tents and pop-up trailers from the campground because two young grizzlies were in the area. While rangers tried to haze and/or relocate the bears from the area, those efforts failed. And when the sub-adult male grizzly entered a tent, damaged another, and even bit a generator, rangers figured enough was enough, according to a park release.

"Because of this behavior, the bear was not a good candidate for successful relocation back into the wild," the release said. "Instead, the 185-pound grizzly was transported on Saturday to Zoo Montana in Billings (Montana).

With her companion gone, the young female left the campground and later was spotted near Roaring Mountain, several miles north of Norris Junction, where she was creating a "bear jam" on the road. As a result, tents and pop-ups once again are allowed in the Norris Campground.

While the latest bear event has passed, park officials are urging visitors to remember that they must "keep food, garbage, barbecue grills and other attractants stored in hard-sided vehicles or bear-proof food storage boxes when not in use. This helps keep bears from becoming conditioned to human foods, and helps keep park visitors and their property safe."


I am glad they were able to move it without hurting it. Hopefully folks will eventually figure out not to leave their food out.

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