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Female Hiker Found Dead Below North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park


A female hiker who went down below the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park with a friend who planned to join a float trip was found dead in the canyon after failing to return from the hike.

According to a report from the park, the woman's body was found near the Toroweap Valley.

The search for the woman began after a man called the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday to report an overdue hiker, the park said. According to the caller, the woman had gone to Tuweap on Tuesday with the caller’s son. The man indicated that his son was going to hike down Lava Falls Route to gain access to the Colorado River for a float trip. When the female failed to return home, the man became concerned and reported her overdue to the National Park Service.

Park rangers launched a search for the rafter Thursday morning and located him on the river late in the morning. The young man indicated that he had last seen his hiking companion on Lava Falls Route at mid-day on Tuesday. Park rangers then began an aerial search of Lava Falls Route and located the body of a female at approximately 1:00 p.m. Thursday.

The young woman’s name is being withheld pending positive identification by the Mohave County Medical Examiner and notification of next-of-kin.


Geez, is it just me or are there a lot of deaths this year.

The "friend" was poaching a river trip in a small inflatable kayak - traveling solo, no permit, no itinerary. He was not joining an existing river trip as mistakenly reported. Illegal move, ill-planned, and ultimately deadly for his companion. Please think before you head into the Grand in July.

I know this women. She was a wonderful, humble person who helped all those she came to know. I was a good friend of hers.
The man who asked her for here help to carry equipment down to the river was a coward and a fool for not assisting her back to her vehicle. The temperatures must have been well over 100 and walking up and out in the direct sunlight could have killed even a strong person.

I and many others will miss Kathryn and remember fondly all her good deeds and selfless actions. We are devastated and deeply saddened by this event.

how dare you, you inconsiderate, cold hearted...You do not know what happened or what might have been said between the two of them, or how any of this all came to do you think the man feels at his time, how do you think it felt to hear that his GOOD FRIEND AS WELL had died shortly after his departure,i am sure he feels terrible, and wishes things had happened differently but you have no right to judge, to call him names or to assume that your opinion is in any way correct, how dare you blame any of this on the young man, she was an experienced hiker as well as a cyclist and knew what to expect and exactly the circumstances she was facing ! know this young man personally, and he is NOT a coward, I knew her as well and will miss her, but being cruel and jumping to conclusions on this matter are not going to bring her back, it is a very sad and very tragic is at times like this that people like you should learn to keep there opinions to themselves and the large gaping hole in there head shut!

My raft trip passed the young man Thursday morning on the River. He was kayaking solo in an area that is foolish to kayak - 40 miles of flat water an hot sun to the nearest pullout. He was "hiding" from the search teams by pulling his boat onto shore and hiding in the bushes when they went by.

From what has been stated, he is guilty of illegally entering the canyon and attempting a float trip, and endangering his companion. This is not the action of a responsible or honest person. From what I saw of his actions, I feel he was clearly acting guilty and afraid. I hope he is brought to justice.

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