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Angler Dies After Falling Into Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park


An angler from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has died while fishing in the Yellowstone River. NPS photo by RG Johnsson.

An angler from Iowa died in Yellowstone National Park after falling into the Yellowstone River near Mud Volcano, according to park officials.

Th 65-year-old, whose name hasn't yet been released, was working his way out to a small island in the middle of the river Thursday afternoon when he slipped into the stream and was unable to regain his footing, they said.

Rangers who responded to a call from a witness found the man's body six miles downstream, face down along the river bank north of Elk Antler Creek.

Members of Yellowstone’s Technical Rescue Team, who are trained in swiftwater rescue, pulled him from the river. After he was examined by paramedics, the man was declared dead at the scene, a release from the park said.

According to park officials the man, who was from Cedar Rapids, had underlying health issues that might have contributed to the accident. The cause of death remains under investigation.


What is going on in Yellowstone ? It seems like there have been several deaths up there lately !!!!! Is it people being careless or what ? I feel for all these families, this is such a beautiful and wonderful park.

Totally! They are dropping like flies.

Very sad indeed. We were passed by several emergency vehicles on our way to see mud volcano at that particular time. A helpful ranger at that location informed us that a fisherman had had a problem. Our thoughts an prayers go out to the angler's family.

Thank you to all Members of the Technical Rescue Team that assisted my sister after the death of her husband. A special thanks to the Rangers, especially Sharon, for being there to support our sister and helping her navigate through all the details. Your support was incredible & we can never thank you enough.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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