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National Parks of Pacific Islands Offers One Great Website


Getting to Hawaii and the national parks that dot the Pacific Ocean is no easy task. But you can get some great information and virtually visit the parks by following the National Parks of the Pacific Islands' website.

On any given day you might come upon a park video, learn about the Silverswords that grow at Haleakala National Park, or be treated to a collection of bird calls and songs.

Stop by and you'll find information and links for not just one park, but quite a few: Haleakala National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, National Park of American Samona, War in the Pacific National Historical Park, and Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park.

While most national park websites come right out and offer you a rundown on what the park is about, what you can do, and what you can see, almost in encyclopedic fashion, this site conveys much the same information but in a more intriguing and interesting approach. There are many, many more pod- and video-casts than most other park sites offer, and individual stories take a more personal approach than you find in most other park websites.

For example, here's how National Trails Day was described:

American Hiking Society’s signature trail awareness program, National Trails Day® (NTD), inspires the public and trail enthusiasts nationwide to seek out their favorite trails to discover, learn about, and celebrate trails while participating in educational exhibits, trail dedications, gear demonstrations, instructional workshops and trail work projects. Read more at

Why we celebrate: America’s 200,000 miles of trails provide access to the natural world for recreation, inspiration and education. Trails provide opportunities to breathe fresh air, get hearts pumping, escape from daily stresses and maintain overall health. In Hawaii, trails also allow us to connect with our ohana (families) and the aina (land).

Far and away, though, the richness of this site comes through in its multi-media approach. Take some time and check it out.


I'm traveling to the Pacific islands next week. This is a great site.

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