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National Park Mystery Photo 21: Trying To Avoid the War Zone


More than a few national parks are well-known for their ravenous mosquitoes. I can personally attest that you don't want to be on Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone National Park in July unless you actually enjoy feeding these little bloodsuckers.

But then, there are countless national parks that can make similar claims -- just about any Alaskan park, Voyageurs National Park, Everglades National Park, and on and on.

But in which park can you spot this skeeter meter?


Congaree National Park!

Been there, lived to tell (barely). Not sure if Flamingo in Everglades was worse though.

Ernest Coe Visitor Center, Everglades National Park?

That looks really familiar, so I'll go with Acadia. The mosquitoes there could engage in dogfights with small airplanes.

Ha!....never mind. I just figured out where it is. Another park I've counted among my favorites. Didn't think of that one because I visited there before skeeter season started.

No, not Everglades and not Acadia, though in summer both would be great places for this sign. Perhaps there's a manufacturing niche to be filled.....


Nope, not Denali.

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