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Anonymous Benefactor Pledges $1 Million To Rocky Mountain Nature Association


How many folks, if they had an extra million dollars, would offer it to a national park's friends group? At least one person is holding out that check to the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, which can claim the $1 million by matching it dollar-for-dollar by year's end.

Curt Buchholtz, the executive director of the association that works hard for Rocky Mountain National Park, says the pledge is targeted for the association's Next Generation Fund, which is a $10 million endowment that promotes hands-on educational programs for youth in the national park. The Next Generation Fund will permanently sustain programs such as Junior Ranger, the American Conservation Corps, environmental education, and field seminars for youth. The campaign’s premise is to create the conservationists.

Mr. Buchholtz is looking forward to meet the donor's challenge. “This is a great opportunity for RMNA and the many friends of Rocky Mountain National Park to raise $1 million to boost our campaign for the Next Generation Fund," he said.

To raise the $1 million match, the association has launched a new challenge of its own, one that Mr. Buchholtz calls "our boldest and most action-oriented fund-raising event ever—the Million Mile Challenge.”

Anyone can participate in the Million Mile Challenge. Participants pledge a certain number of miles, donating $1 per mile, and complete their pledge by any human-powered means—walking, snowshoeing, biking, skiing, etc. Participants can get sponsors to help them meet their pledge and miles can be logged anywhere in the world.

“The success of our Million Mile Challenge campaign rests squarely on the participation of our Front Range communities,” said RMNA fundraising projects manager Steve Coles. “We’re privileged to have one of this country’s premiere national parks in our state and in our own backyard. This is an opportunity to give back to Rocky Mountain National Park.”

In addition to supporting a great cause, Mr. Buchholtz says the Million Mile Challenge is designed to get people out in nature spending quality time with family and friends.

To join the Million Mile Challenge in support of the Next Generation Fund, visit, or call (970) 586-3262. For more information about RMNA or to make a gift, contact Steve Coles at [email protected] or call (970) 586-3262.

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