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Important Advisory to Dog Owners Issued by Padre Island National Seashore

Beach scene at Padre Island NS.

Malaquite Beach at Padre Island National Seashore in November. NPS photo.

If you're headed to Padre Island National Seashore in Texas, leave Fido at home. The park is advising visitors not to bring dogs to the beach until further notice, after several reports of illness and deaths of coyotes and dogs.

During the past week, two coyotes were found dead in the National Seashore and two more had to be euthanized due to the severity of their condition. In addition, a park visitor reported that one of their dogs died and one is sick after being in the park.

Park Superintendent Joe Escoto issued a statement yesterday, advising that "park visitors should "refrain from bringing their dogs to the park until park staff can determine why several coyotes and one dog have died."

The park has limited information regarding the cause of the deaths but is investigating the possible reasons for the mortality. A Coyote carcass has been sent off for further examination. Please remember that if you bring your dog to the park, you may be putting them at risk.

The National Park Service will advise the public once more information is available.

You can check the "news" link on the park website for updates prior to a visit.


Wow, interesting & mysterious. Please update this story when and if they figure out what the cause is.


My travels through the National Park System:

It's probably due to a HAB outbreak & the dogs eating the dead fish. But seriously, who wants to take their family to vacation and wade through another person's dog droppings anyway? That's why we pick States that have designated dog beaches. It's past time for Texas to work on that, don't ya think?

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