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Wanna See Something Too Gorgeous for Words? Check Out the New Non-Narrative “Living Death Valley” DVD


New park film shows beauty and wonders of Death Valley National Park. Badwater reflection photo by Kurt Repanshek.

You won’t miss the voice-over when you view the new non-narrative “Living Death Valley – A Journey of Music and Image” DVD. This new release shows that you don’t need talk-talk to hold an audience in thrall when you’ve got masterful photography, a wonderful musical score, and the landscape, floral, and faunal wonders of Death Valley National Park to work with.

“Living Death Valley” was commissioned by the park’s primary partner NGO, the Death Valley Natural History Association, and produced by Bristlecone Media LLC. The 40-minute DVD (stereo, 5.1 Dolby Surround and DTS) will be shown daily in Death Valley’s Furnace Creek Visitor Center auditorium. A special showing has been scheduled for Saturday, September 12, at the Community Library in park neighbor Pahrump, Nevada.

Here is the gist of it:

[Living Death Valley”] takes us on a year’s journey through remote areas of Death Valley National Park where we gain an intimate perspective of the land and its many moods. Through variations in time lapse photography, high definition video set to a poignant original music score, the viewer experiences the unfolding of an ecosystem in magnificent detail as it moves through the rhythms of day and season. The film enters the secret lives of wild creatures as they interact with their environment. It explores the artifacts left by previous generations who forged a living in this desolate land. Through the terrestrial and celestial interplay of light and movement it catches a glimpse of the forces that have shaped the land throughout the millennia.

To watch the trailer, which is a fine investment of 2.5 minutes, visit this site. Be prepared to be blown away. The cinematography by Ryan Christiansen and Jonah Matthewson is riveting, and the music is exciting and evocative (kudos to John Kilburn, who wrote the original score).

If you’d like a personal copy of “Living Death Valley,” you can order it from the online store or by phone at 1-800-478-8564, ext. 10. The advertised price is $19.95. All proceeds from sales of the DVD benefit the park.


This is BEAUTIFUL. I camped in the mountains above Death Valley for many years (I live in Fla now). It is my very favorite place. This film shows why. Love it.

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