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Rockslide Repairs Completed, Weeping Rock Trail Reopens at Zion National Park

Rockslide on trail.

Trail crews had to contend with this rockslide. NPS photo by Tim Lutterman.

Fans of the Weeping Rock Trail in Zion National Park can rejoice. The trail, closed by a rockslide on September 2, is now open again for visitor use.

The Weeping Rock Trail is one of the most popular in the park. A round-trip on the paved trail cover only one-half mile, although the trail is described by the park as

"steep with minor drop-offs." It climbs 98 feet to a rock alcove with dripping springs, and hanging gardens of wildflowers decorate the walls in spring and summer.

At about 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 2, a large rockslide covered a 50-foot section of the trail on the approach to Weeping Rock. There were no reported injuries, but for obvious safety reasons, the trail was closed until the area stabilized and tons of large boulders and debris that blocked the trail could be removed.

The park’s trail crew and an American Conservation Experience volunteer crew have completed the debris removal and made the necessary repairs to reopen the trail.

You'll find information about the Weeping Rock Trail and other hiking opportunities on the park's website.

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