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Rock Slide Expected to Keep Zion National Park's Weeping Rock Trail Closed At Least Through Labor Day


A rockslide has closed the trail leading to Weeping Rock in Zion National Park. NPS photo.

Folks planning to head to Zion National Park this Labor Day holiday weekend will have to forgo a walk to the Weeping Rock, as a rockslide has closed the trail for the immediate future.

The trail was closed Wednesday after a rockslide covered a 50-foot section of the trail on the approach to Weeping Rock. There were no reported injuries.

For safety reasons, the trail will remain closed until the slide stops moving, the large boulders and debris removed, and the trail repaired. It is anticipated that the trail will remain closed at least through Labor Day weekend. The Observation Point and Hidden Canyon Trails can still be accessed from the Weeping Rock shuttle stop. All other trails in the park are open.



Is it me or have the been more than normal of rockslides all over our National Parks especially this Summer?! I know rock slides can occur at any time BUT isn't it mainly start in October?! When the weather is a lot cooler & it's not as hot?!

I was wondering the same, what with slides in Great Smoky and Olympic earlier this summer...Not sure if there's a "season" for rock slides.

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