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Gustavus Moose Hunt: If You're Heading to Alaska for a Moose Hunt, You Might Want to Read This


If he's in the park, he's off-limits to hunters in the annual Gustavus Bull Moose Hunt. NPS photo.

If you've landed a spot in the annual Gustavus Bull Moose Hunt, be careful you don't stray into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Park Superintendent Cherry Payne wants to remind all hunters that hunting is not permitted within Glacier Bay National Park.

Bull moose may legally be taken outside the park boundary under the Alaska Department of Fish & Game selective harvest strategy known as the “Spike-Fork-Fifty-Three Brow Tine” rule. The boundary line between Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and the City of Gustavus is clearly identified with yellow or white fiberglass posts in most areas. Hunters are also reminded that special regulations apply when carrying firearms within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Hunters actively pursuing a moose that crosses over the national park boundary are required under 36 CFR 13.40(d)(5) to identify themselves and the location where the moose was taken to Park Rangers by contacting the Visitor Information Station at 907-697-2627. The Visitor Information Station at Bartlett Cove is open between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Hunters attempting to contact Park Rangers outside of these hours should call 907-697-2323, or 907-697-2336.


Shooting a moose is about as challenging as shooting a parked Buick.

Yeah, but a parked Buick won't try to trample you if you miss and piss it off....

I've shot a few moose over the years and depended on them for winter meat. Sometimes I was lucky and go one on the first day. Other times I had to camp for several days before finding a legal animal. Shooting a moose is fairly easy, because it usually makes a good size target. However, that is where the real work begins. Field butchering a moose is a brutal job, especially if you are alone or have to pack the meat any distance.

As I recall, moose are a relative newcomer to the Gustavus area. I seem to remember that they didn't really get established in the lowlands around the park until recent times. Wolves have followed them into the area.

How does one miss a moose?

The same way someone shot a llama thinking it was an elk. Inexperienced hunters who just want a big trophy. Will I love your description of a moose. In A Walk in the Woods they were described as a cow drawn by a 3 year old.

Ranger Holly

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