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National Park Mystery Photo 3: It's All In the Patterns


Nature can be very geometric at times. Just look closely at snowflakes or crystals of sand. Indeed, at times nature is a master craftsman, shaping and polishing and, well, being very geometrical. And often humans, who admire the beauty of nature, try to copy it.

Does this photo reflect a slice of nature, or a knock-off of nature? If you can answer that question, you very possibly know the location of this photo shoot.


Devils Tower

Devils Tower.. its natural.

Nope and nope.

Well, I admit that was a clue. I think they meant Devil's Postpile.

Devil's Postpile it is. I thought for sure this one would be a puzzler for a long while.

To see this perspective one needs to hike up onto the top of the "pile," where glaciers not only have sheared off the ends but polished them quite nicely.

Congrats to DK, though he's probably right that those behind the previous two answers might have been thinking "postpile" when they wrote "tower."

It's Devil's postpile in California.

Kurt, need more mystery nature photo's like this on NPT. Rather see this nature stuff then some fancy pants handgun bull---- on another blog.

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