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Aerial Search Continuing for Missing Coloradan On Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve


Favorable flying conditions allowed searchers to spend more than 10 hours in the air Saturday looking for a Coloradan missing on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve, but there's still no sign of him.

More flights were planned for Sunday in the search for Dr. Gerald Myers, a chiropractor from Centennial, Colorado. He has not been seen or heard from since his solo summit bid was launched early last week.

On Saturday three aircraft with spotting crews, including the park’s A-Star B3 helicopter, a Cessna Conquest twin engine airplane, and a Cessna 206, collectively flew more than ten hours oer the iconic mountain. Search zones included the upper mountain, elevations between 14,200 and 17,200 feet, as well as potential north-side descent routes. A ground team climbed to Denali Pass on Saturday, but was turned around by high winds.

Dr. Myers began his summit bid from the 14,200-foot camp the morning of Tuesday, May 19, and is considered to have traveled light with minimal survival gear. He was sighted above Denali Pass (18,200-feet) later that afternoon. An individual climber was observed on the summit ridge the afternoon of Wednesday, May 20, although it cannot be confirmed that it was Dr. Myers.

On Sunday the park’s A-Star B3 helicopter was to be joined in the search by two U.S. Army Chinook helicopters from Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks.


A sad and difficult situation for everyone involved.

The terrain, altitude, weather conditions and size of the area involved make this a tough one.

going alone is perfectly fine, but never,EVER travel light! always pack as if you are going to be up there a minimum of two weeks!

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