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Traveler Tip: Staying On Top Of News From Mount Rainier National Park


Trying to individually sort through all of the data flowing across the Internet is impossible. Can't be done. There's just too much. So when you come upon a cool site, spread the word. Today the word is "VisitRainier."

The self-proclaimed Official Mount Rainier Website, VisitRainier provides the rundown on lodging, hiking, camping, car tours, angling, mountain biking and much, much more in and around Mount Rainier National Park.

Bookmark this site and you'll be able to keep up to date on the park's calendar of events, gain insights into the lodging possibilities, and learn where you can get a good meal. And you can even subscribe to the site's e-newsletter, which brings the news right to your computer before you open your browser.


I've enjoyed watching the Visit Rainier website develop into a world class place for visitors to plan their vacation.

"VisitRainier" is a "One Stop Shop"! It has everything you need to plan your trip.... and a little extra to make your trip super special! Thanks a million!

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