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Houchins Ferry Set To Open At Mammoth Cave National Park


Houchins Ferry is set to open Sunday. NPS photo.

Houchins Ferry, which shuttles cars across the Green River at Mammoth Cave National Park, is scheduled to open this Sunday.

However, the Maple Springs Group Campground, which would normally open in March, remains closed due to hazardous fallen trees and damage from the January 27 ice storm.

“We plan to have Houchins Ferry Road cleared and open by March 1, so that means Houchins Ferry can open on schedule for the season,” says Superintendent Patrick Reed. “Maple Springs Campground was hit hard by the storm. It will be some time before we can declare it safe for campers. ”

Houchins Ferry, near Brownsville, operates daily from 10:15 a.m. to 6 p.m., March through November.

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