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Avalanche Awareness Clinic Set for Olympic National Park


If you're going to play on Hurricane Ridge this winter, you better know how to stay safe from avalanches. NPS photo.

With all the recent talk about the Hurricane Ridge ski area, is it merely a coincidence that the folks at Olympic National Park are helping sponsor an avalanche awareness clinic this Friday?

Olympic National Park, Olympic Mountain Rescue, and the North by Northwest surf and snowboard shop will cosponsor the workshop from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. at the Raymond Carver at the Port Angeles library. This event is free of charge and open to anyone interested in learning more about avalanches.

“The Olympic National Park high country is avalanche country – being aware of the risks and how to avoid them is critical for anyone planning to ski or snowboard at Hurricane Ridge,” said park Superintendent Karen Gustin. “With high avalanche danger all around our region, this is a particularly good time to re-emphasize winter mountain safety.”

The workshop will be led by Niko Weis, a well-known British Columbia-based avalanche professional. Mr. Weis works around the world as an avalanche educator and consultant and has recently served as an alpine safety and design consultant for a new ski resort in the Indian Himalayas.

People who travel outside the developed areas at Hurricane Ridge – including people who snowboard beyond ski area boundaries or ski or snowshoe to Hurricane Hill – should be aware that they are traveling through hazardous avalanche terrain. The workshop will focus on how to prepare for traveling in avalanche terrain, including proper equipment and the skills needed for self-rescue.

"Niko Weis’ avalanche expertise is known around the world and he is an excellent instructor -- we are honored to co-sponsor his appearance in Port Angeles,” said Superintendent Gustin.

For more information, you may contact Olympic National Park at 360-565-3130, Olympic Mountain Rescue at 360-830-4662 or the North By Northwest shop at 360- 452-5144.


The U.S. Forest Service has a NWAC Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center website that offers unusual & cool weather & forecasts.

I use this site to fine-tune the Olympic Peninsula outlook.

I don't know if the Forest Service does this for other regions, but it seems to me they might.

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