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Blue Angels Fly By Grand Tetons

Blue Angles promotional shot; US Navy Photo

The Blue Angles flying among the mountains. Note, this is a promotional shot from the Navy, the mountains in the photo are unidentified, and probably are not the mountains mentioned in the story.

Jim Macdonald raised this story today, found in the Jackson Hole News & Guide. "Angels draw crowds, roar over Jackson Hole"

The Blue Angles buzzed through Jackson Hole yesterday so that they could capture some promotional photographs of the squad with the Grand Teton Mountain range as a backdrop. Quoted from the article:

The squad had been scheduled to fly over the valley at 11:50 a.m. but weather delayed the visit. Clouds shrouded the mountains, which the Navy hoped to use as a backdrop for a promotional photograph. A photography jet accompanied the squadron.

Further in the article, as it relates to the park.

Some had worried the squad would be an unnecessary intrusion over Grand Teton National Park, where regulations recommend no flying within 2,000 feet of the ground.

Bishop said he didn’t think the jets were offensive and the pilots did not push the throttles on their 16,000-pound-thrust engines.

We've already had a couple of comments about this story this morning. One fellow described the sound of the jets as the sound of freedom, a sound he'd love to hear while hiking in the parks. I happen to think that while the military plays an important function in our government, the intrusion of military jets into the quite nature of National Parks is unnecessary. How do you feel?


Does freedom have a sound?

I don't like it...even with the throttles down, the sounds of the engines would still be powerful enough to disturb the wildlife. But I guess the Navy feels harming animals isn't as important than a stupid photo-op.

I'd be curious to learn how much this photo-op cost the Navy. Perhaps they could make a like donation to Grand Teton, which could use some extra funding.

Beyond that, though, don't forget that there's a commercial airport within the park boundaries, so it's not the most quiet place to start with.

It is quite obvious that you were never issued a service number.
And you never served.........You have no voice!!
SOG2 USS Morton DD948

FYI, I also blogged (not web-zined) a bit about it.

I probably won't be chiming in the rest of the day - my grandpa is very ill in the hospital, and I'm traveling to Minneapolis tomorrow. However, I would like to chime in more soon enough.

Jim Macdonald
The Magic of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Newspaper
Jim's Eclectic World

Wow...if you really believe that only those who have served in the military have the right to voice an opinion? When did the fascists take over?

Where have you been hiding your head in the sand Mookie?

Must of been the later part of the 70's when I was standing atop Echo Rock on the side of Mount Rainier when out of no where a jet came screaming up Russell Glacier.
Scared the crap out of me as I felt the sound push me around.
I gripped the rock so as to not fall off the world.
The pilot waved to me from the cockpit, I waved back.
Later I ranted about the incident at some Rangers, who already knew all about it.
It was quite the experience which I now remember fondly and I will never forget.
I think it is wrong for any flights of any type at any altitude to venture into one of our National Parks.

not needed in the parks, if they want to see the park, do it from the ground up.

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