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Bison to be Moved Back to Yellowstone Today


    The great bison shuttle is scheduled to be pulled off today as Montana officials round up wayward bison that have decided the grass is indeed greener outside of Yellowstone.
    Under the plan announced last week, bison found in the West Yellowstone area will be trucked back into the park to the Stephens Creek corrals near Gardiner, Montana, and held there for a while before being released into the park.
    Park officials say about 50 bison left the park near Cougar Meadows earlier this week and headed into the West Yellowstone Area. Of course, who knows if the bison, once returned to Yellowstone, will decide to remain in the park.
    Yellowstone officials say this is the only year they plan to truck bison back into the park.


Update: The Montana Department of Livestock has said they will possibly be shipping some bulls to slaughter, saying the facility that NPS has set up isn't adequate for bulls (so, kill them - even if bulls don't transmit brucellosis). In clarification, Tim Reid from the Park Service said that it would only be mature bulls who would be slaughtered because they get cantankerous and might injure other bison. See I might explode and might spew more ash than the Yellowstone supervolcano. Read the fine print, eh? That's what you get when you show a picture of a calf; they'll kill the old bulls instead!

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