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Wild and Scenic Status Proposed For Wyoming Rivers


    The headwaters of the Snake River, one of the West's legendary waterways, have been proposed for protection as "Wild and Scenic" by U.S. Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming. The designation, if extended, would protect 21 segments along 14 rivers and streams in western Wyoming.
     Some of the streams that would gain protection under Sen. Thomas's Snake Headwaters Legacy Act flow through Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.
    “My bill will designate the Snake River Headwaters and certain tributaries as among the cleanest and most free-flowing rivers our nation has to offer," says the senator. "I really see this as a badge of honor for our rivers – I know Wyoming will continue to gain from this distinction.”
    According to American Rivers, the legislation, if adopted, would create the single largest addition to the nation's Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 15 years.

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