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NPS Pays $17 Million For Statute of Liberty Security


    Part of the reason the National Park Service can't afford everything it would like to have in the parks is that it must figure out how to pay for security issues some might say are more the responsibility of the Homeland Security Department.
Stlilibertyislandaerialr2_copy     Former Park Service Director Fran Mainella once told a congressional subcommittee that her agency had to come up with $40 million annually to pay for security chores related to 9-11.
    Well, just recently the Park Service awarded Tri-S Security Corp. a 5-year, $17 million contract to provide security at the Statute of Liberty, Battery Park, and the Ellis Island Bridge that connects Ellis Island to New Jersey.
    "The new contract ... is for the continuation of (post-9-11) security screening and was awarded to a new contractor," Darren Boch, the public affairs officer for National Parks of New York Harbor, told me. "The United States Park Police administers the contract and oversees the operations of the security company."
    In case you're wondering, Homeland Security has not reimbursed the Park Service for one penny since the Park Service was tasked with these sort of additional security details.

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