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Roads Opening in Glacier, Mount Rainier


    You can tell it's been a relatively mild winter in the Rockies -- park roads there are beginning to open already.
    In Glacier, the Two Medicine, Camas, Kelly Camp, Apgar Lookout, Quarter Circle Bridge and Many Glacier roads are all open to the public. In Polebridge, you can drive roughly 6.5 miles to the Big Prairie area. Visitors also can hike or bike beyond the closed vehicle gate to Bowman or Kintla lakes.
    As for the storm-battered Going-to-the-Sun Road, you can drive about 15.5 miles from West Glacier to Avalanche on the west side of the park, and about 5.5 miles from St. Mary to Rising Sun on the east side. On the east side, though, there's a hiker/biker closure at Jackson Glacier Overlook. However, on the east side you can walk or bike beyond the Avalanche closure gate.
    Beginning Tuesday, May 1, entrance rates will bump up to $25 per vehicle or $12 for a pedestrian.
    At Mount Rainier, meanwhile, the Nisqually Road from the southwest entrance to Paradise remains on schedule to open next Saturday, May 5. However, State Route 123 from the Stevens Canyon Entrance to Cayuse Pass as well as the Carbon River Road are expected to remain closed throughout the summer due to last fall's storm damage and resulting repair work.

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