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Those Yellow Buses Are Ready to Roll


    Red and yellow. It used to be you could tell what national park you were in by the color of the touring buses that would shuttle visitors around. If the buses were red, you were in Glacier. Yellow meant you were in Yellowstone.
Yellbuses_copy    The buses, White Motor Company Model 706s, arrived in the parks with their 6-cylinder engines in 1936. I understand that White also furnished buses for Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Zion and Rocky Mountain national parks, but have no idea what color they were.
    Anyway, while Glacier's Red Jammers have been a fixture in that park, thanks in part to Ford Motor Company's $4.5 million contribution back in 2000 that was spent on refurbishing the park's fleet of 32  Jammers, Yellowstone's yellow buses have been largely missing from that park since the 1960s.
    Fortunately, though, eight of the yellow buses will be cruising the park's roads beginning in June thanks to $1.9 million worth of repairs paid for by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the park's largest concessionaire.

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