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Bush Administration Weighs in On Cline Mine North of Glacier


    The Bush administration has expressed its concerns over a coal mine proposed to be built in the "Canadian Flathead" area north of Glacier National Park.
    Back in January, state officials in Montana were discussing the need to get the State Department involved in their efforts to halt the Cline Mine from going in. The proposed mine site, you might recall, is 20-some miles north of Glacier and west of Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park, in the headwaters of the Flathead River.
    The area is so wild, boasting its full complement of predators and prey, that some have called the valley the wildest in North America.
    Anyway, the Bush administration recently wrote provincial officials in British Columbia to say the mine, if it goes in, could cause environmental damage downstream in the United States.
    No reaction just yet from British Columbia.

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