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Little Concern Over Coal Mine Near Bryce


    Last month I recounted a story about concerns in Montana over the prospect of a coal mine being built about 22 miles north of Glacier National Park in British Columbia.
Brcamine_copy     Because of the proposed mine's location within the headwaters of the Flathead River, which flows south into Montana and fills Flathead Lake near Kalispell, both Montana's governor and senior U.S. senator were talking about having the U.S. State Department intercede to block the Cline Mine.
    Well, things are a lot different in Utah, where seemingly no one's heart is racing over the prospect of a coal mine going in 12 miles southwest of Bryce Canyon National Park.
    Both of the proposed mines would gouge 2 million tons of coal a year from open-pit mines. But while the Cline Mine is proposed to be located in the Flathead's headwaters, the proposed Cross Hollow Mine doesn't appear to be located close to any major water courses.
     Local officials are thrilled with the prospect of the Cross Hollow Mine, even though it could mean a steady stream of semi-trailer trucks hauling the fuel through Panguitch. As I understand it, not even Bryce Canyon's superintendent is overly concerned about the project.
    Two more public scoping meetings are scheduled: One in Cedar City's library on February 6th and one in Salt Lake City Main Library on the 7th.

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