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Shenandoah Hiking Options


Shenwaterfall_copy     Last year the main concessionaire at Shenandoah National Park started offering guided hiking outings into the park. Well, this year the program is a little beefier.
    Not only are two-day hiking programs available, but so, too, are climbing and rappelling programs that are designed to offer introductory- and intermediate-level outings.
    There also are two-day programs that will focus on discovering Shenandoah's waterfalls and wildflowers, as well as an inn-to-inn trek that leads you south through the park with overnight stays at the Skyland Resort and Big Meadows Lodge.
    Pricing ranges from $89 per person for the one-day trips up to $178 per person for the two-day outings.  Lodging is an extra charge.
    Dates for these outings begin in April and run into November. You can find more information at this site.

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