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Oh Ranger!


    Earlier this month I mentioned efforts by an author to collect ranger stories for an upcoming book intended to commemorate the national park ranger.
    Well, as fate would have it, another publisher is also looking for ranger stories to go into the latest edition of Oh Ranger!, a book that Horace Albright and Frank Taylor first published in 1928. This book, which is scheduled to arrive later this summer, is published by Eastern National in partnership with the American Park Network, the group that produces those little green-covered guidebooks that are distributed in quite a few parks. This is a non-profit endeavor, with proceeds to go to support national park interpretive programs.
    Oh Ranger! will feature stories from park employees and alumni in categories ranging from animal encounters and search and rescue to exploration and adventure and even firefighting.
    To submit stories, or learn more about what the publishers are looking for, contact either Chesley Moroz, the president/CEO of Eastern National at [email protected], or Jason Scarpello, publications manager for Eastern National at [email protected], or Mark Saferstein, publisher of American Park Network, at [email protected].

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