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New York Times On Guns in the Parks


    In case anyone missed it, the New York Times ran an editorial the other day on Senator Allen's bid to overturn the National Park Service's long-held opposition to visitors carrying weapons in the parks.
    Here's one snippet:
    "If Americans want to feel safer in their national parks, the proper solution is to increase park funding, which has decayed steadily since the Bush administration took office. To zealots who believe that the Second Amendment trumps all others, the parks are merely another badland, like schools and church parking lots, that could be cleaned up if the carrying of private weapons were allowed. The concealed-weapon advocates are doing an excellent job of sounding terrified by “lonely wilderness trails.” But make no mistake. Senator Allen’s bill would make no one safer. It can only endanger the public."
    You can find the entire editorial here.


Here is an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune. It does a much better job of addressing this NYT editorial than I ever could.,1,5499222.column?coll=chi-news-col&ctrack=1&cset=true

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