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Maine Woods National Park


    I've long wanted to post about efforts to create a rugged 3.2 million-acre national park in Maine, one that would be the size of Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. I have a pile of background information on the proposal, yet haven't found the time necessary to truly delve into this issue.
    Fortunately, the New York Times' environmental writer, Felicity Barringer, has written a somewhat in-depth story about the effort. The picture she paints is one of a battle between preservation of a wild landscape, one that embraces what supporters call the largest undeveloped landscape east of the Rockies, and those who fear they would lose their perceived rights to use that landscape.
    And then there are those, other environmental groups, who don't want to get behind the proposed Maine Woods National Park and Preserve because they fear it would take energy they need to focus on battling Plum Creek Timber Company from developing the largest real estate development in Maine's history around Moosehead Lake.
    After reading Felicity's story, you can get additional background on the park movement as well as the Plum Creek battle at this web site.

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