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Paralyzed Vets Not Interesting In Channel Island Hunting


    Earlier this year I posted several times on the effort by Rep. Duncan Hunter to have one of the islands in Channel Islands National Park turned into a hunting preserve for the military.
    Well, not only is Rep. Hunter's plan opposed by the National Park Service and some members of the Senate, but also by the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization.
    Imagine that. A group Congressman Hunter has maintained was behind his proposal to turn Santa Rosa Island into a hunting preserve in reality isn't supportive of the idea.
    In a letter to Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas, a member of the House Armed Services Committee that Rep. Hunter, a California Republican, chairs, the group made it clear that it doesn't think Rep. Hunter's plan is viable for disabled veterans.
    "We have come to the conclusion that the Santa Rosa Island initiative is not viable," Douglas K. Vollmer, the PVA's associate executive director for government relations, told Rep. Snyder in a letter. "It is our opinion that the numerous obstacles inherent to the island, including ingress and egress, logistics, personal safety and cost, far outweigh the possible, limited benefit it could provide."
    Congressman Hunter doesn't seem deterred by the group's opposition. His spokesman said the congressman looks forward to discussing the matter with PVA officials.
    You can read about the PVA's opposition here.

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